20 setembro 2006

This is no joke | Tenerife #5

Puerto de la Cruz | our beach

Puerto de la Cruz | our beach at night

Puerto de la Cruz | the mysterious stones
(Will you make use of these stones? Tell me what you will do with them…)

fotos: iké

4 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

I like the pictures....
I have no public answer for the last one but a secret answer for it.

T.R (No joke! I got you babe!)

iké disse...

Maybe the stones in the picture are not the suitable ones to your secret suggestion. They seem to be too smooth... ;-)

Obviously, I don’t know anything about the subject! It’s only an innocent opinion! :-)

jcg disse...

What about my suggestion about a little composition with the black sand? It will certainly look nice! You may also add some of the flowers if you still have them... :-)

iké disse...



Yes, I still have the flowers!!! I accept your suggestion to add the flowers at the black sand composition! I’m sure it will look very nice!

I have had no time as yet to do the composition…