24 setembro 2006

This is no joke | Tenerife #14

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Anónimo disse...

Hi Ike

Gorgeous pictures of the party in Tenerife...Hahahaahah I cannot stop laughing.
OF COURSE I like the flowers too.


jcg disse...

Come on! Why are you laughing?? We look great!! We can't sing at all, but we look great!

For the pictures of the Gardens ... wonderful! It was a very nice walk Ike, wasn't it?

Anónimo disse...

empqvaFinally some fantastic pictures about the fantastic time we spent...
I'm already missing it (and you all guys) a lot!
As we say in Portugal: Que Saudades de Tenerife!...

iké disse...

Thank you to all of you who shared the fantastic moments in Tenerife with my camera and me!

We had a great time! Unforgettable holidays… sorry, unforgettable workshop! :-)

iké disse...


Yes! It was a very nice walk! The garden is beautiful!

Um beijo